Thursday, July 25, 2013

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love words for men

love words for men

This note was written by the husband of one of  naturalists leaving a comment in this post about the reaction of the husband of another natural hair Naturalist. After the cat seeks the opinions of other naturalists, well, there you have it love words for men. The man spoke.

Natural hair! Natural hair! Natural hair! Where to begin? Well, let me start from the beginning love words for men. A few months after I started dating my wife, accompanied her to show that she wanted to have a perm love words for men. I realized that after having had a perm, my hair was very fine and thin, and I could almost see through her hair. When I spoke, told me that her hair was a concern. She said she had been praying and fasting for love words for men hair growth as she can remember.

Fast forward to my house with a beautiful woman with hair problems man's life, I laughed every time she told me that her prayer points include hair growth. One day, after some research, he said he would naturally. This was after trying different hair styles Mohawk turns. I knew I was nervous about something, so love words for men I decided to do a little research of my own to see if there was a way I could help. As you know, I'm your knight in shinning armor, and my job is to make life as comfortable as possible (big smile), secretly I've always love words for men liked the natural look.

In doing my research, I discovered that black hair love words for men can become very long, and also have a lot of textures and interesting styles, but requires a lot of proper care love words for men. In search of healthy hair from my wife, she had not taken the time to really take care of your hair or even know what type of hair texture you had, things like making sure you put in your hair, using a wide amount of olive oil I have found is very good for hair, heat is not the best of friends, etc., and then began the journey of natural hair love words for men. Now, I have to say that my wife is not a very patient person, often lose patience and decide you want to have a haircut love words for men. Discouraged because I always knew she was being frustrated and going to regret in the end.

Not at all. I must say that my hair became fuller, longer love words for men and healthier. I'll never forget how he looked in our fourth wedding anniversary love words for men. He combed his hair with wide tooth comb, I was excited that she had grown. I was also surprised but happy that he grew up, and I was very healthy love words for men. How could I resist my African Queen with hair as curly delicious?
Did I mention that my wife is very impatient? Yes, I'm sure I did. Well, she would like the length of your hair to get to the bottom, I'd like that too, but not at 6 months. Does not work that way love words for men. Nothing stood there watching hair grow and learn to love.

Will I continue to support it? Yes, I and all naturalists there, because it takes a brave woman to remain different, I love your guts. In fact, I'm so make your natural hair journey is a success, I'm watching videos on how to care love words for men the hair of the girl, do not mind being the hairdresser of my daughter and keep to penetrate damaged hair to begin with.


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